Monday, July 31, 2006

96% Of Cats Euthanized In Mutnomah County Animal Shelter

A recent news story on KATU in Portland, Oregon brought up a very sad statistic, 96% of cats are euthanized at the Multnomah County Animal Control Shelter in Troutdale. This is absolutely heartbreaking. Cats are wonderful little friends and companions.

I have a cat that grabs me when I walk by and wants to give me a hug. If I fall asleep on the sofa, he jumps up on my lap, and tucks his little head under my chin. He loves for me to turn on a faucet just a little so he can get a drink. He then uses a curtain like a napkin, and wipes his little mouth. I ask him if he "gives a kitty kiss", and he wants to rub his forehead against mine. I ask him if he "gives an Eskimo kiss", and he will rub noses with me. He's a real joy and as intelligent as a small child. Wonderful animals like cats deserve to be loved. They are intelligent, and give persons like me with no children a little friend to love. Cats deserve far better than to be euthanized because there is too many or they are too old.

Dogs fare a little better at the Troutdale shelter. Only 50% of them are euthanized. Do yourself and an animal favor, adopt a little friend today and save a little life. Seek no-kill animal shelters for your area.

A Catholic priest once described animals as God's little creatures. Like all of God's creation, animals deserve to be treated with all the respect and love of any of God's creation. Disrepecting creation is to disrespect God himself. Life is a great entity, and a great mystery and deserves profound respect.


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