Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Horrors Of Israeli Fuel Bomb Use In Lebanon

Like everyday of this latest MidEast war, there are new horrors against civilians. Today more innocent Israeli civilians were the target of a Hezbollah terrorist rocket. And yesterday the madness continued with the release of some long distance footage of what was claimed by the Israeli military to be a "fuel bomb" drop on a Hezbollah target.

This bomb was most likely the U.S. manufactured Mark 77 Mod 5 fuel gel bomb made from kerosine. This is the newest version of a napalm type incediary bomb meant to burn enemy forces to death or to disable from horrific burn injuries.

The American and Israeli military love for incediary weapons has been a long one. During WWII, the densely populated Japanese city of Tokyo was the target of incediary bombings meant to burn civilians to death. The planner of this type of warfare was General Curtis Lemay, who went on to become the Vice Presidential running mate of Alabama Governor George Wallace on the American Independent Party ticket in 1968. In a single night of American incediary bombings on Tokyo, it was nothing unusual for 100,000 civilians to be burned to death. American and British forces destroyed all but 456 homes of the 24,666 in the beautiful and historic German city of Dresden with incediary bombings and killed as many as 300,000 civilians by burning many of them to death. Others survived with terrible burn injuries.

In the Vietnam War, napalm came into far greater American military use. The famous photo of the little girl, Kim Phuc, whose clothes were burned off in a U.S. napalm attack is one of the most infamous images of the war. According to Phuc which underwent extensive surgeries, the terrific pain from being burned by napalm was " the most terrible pain you can imagine". The heat is as much as 12 times the temperature of boiling water or as much as 1200 degrees.

The pain is horrific for up to second degree burns, but with third degree burns the vascular dermis is burned away including the nerve endings and pain can no longer be felt. With third degree burns, infection or mass loss of blood with no skin to contain the blood supply often results in a horrible death.

Children in Lebanon with horrific burns have been brought in for medical care. Some have virtually melted and unrecognizable human face features.

Military munitions manufacturers have worked to develop even more horrible versions of napalm including Super Napalm, which uses gasoline, polystyrene and may contain powdered aluminum which is actually ignited by water. Water will not put out this fire but actually ignite the powdered aluminum.

The U.S. military denied the use of napalm during the 2003 war in Iraq, but pilots have told a far different story. Marine Col. James Alles relates that, " We napalmed those bridge approaches. Unfortunately there were people down there. You could see them in (aircraft) cockpit video. .....They were Iraqi soldiers. It's no great way to die. But the generals love napalm. It has a big psychological effect".

With military help from the U.S.. Israel has used napalm in the 1967 and 1982 wars. And it appears friom the newly released video are using this horror weapon once again.

The U.S. has refused to sign any U.N. treaty since the days of Ronald Reagan not to use horror incediary weapons like napalm, and continues to supply and advocate for the Israeli military use of such weapons by Israel's military.

The war with Hezbollah has resulted in a war of horror against civilians on both sides. Hezbollah terrorist rockets with bbs spray all over and maim and kill innocent children and civilians in Israel, and Israel melts Lebanon children and civilians with U.S. supplied incediary weapons producing 1200 degrees of heat.

Sane public and religious officials around the world including the Pope call for a ceasefire and some peace in the war. But U.S. officials delay, supplying Israel with more horror weapons to cut down Hezbolllah as much as possible while Syria sends rockets across the border to Hezbollah terrorists to main and kill Israeli civilians. This dirty war was sunken to the lowest levels of human depravity imaginable.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Will said...

I don't consider people that willing live among terrorists innocent to any extent anyway. The fact is while Israel is so-called by ignorant people bombing innocent civilians, they're really hitting the terrorist that are hiding in them, and using them as a human shield, therefore I wish Israel would use nuclear weapons on a ll the middle eastern countries, and wipe them out completely. Sure that's called genocide, but those people do not deserve to live, because according to their religion (no offense) they have everything to die for (like 72 virgins).


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