Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Global Warming Creating A "Dead Zone" Of Dead Fish On Oregon Coast

While some conservatives still attempt to claim that global warming is a "myth", more physical proof of this climate change is resulting in more dead fish washing ashore in Oregon as the deep ocean water becomes oxygen depleted and sealife is dying.

As the oxygen becomes depleted in the deeper water levels due to climate changes created by global warming, deep water sealife such as ratfish, greenling, rockfish and even crabs seek water with enough oxygen to support life, but then wash up dead on the Oregon coastline.

Part of the depleting of oxgen may be due to small plants in deep water dying and their decomposition robbing the deep ocean waters of a higher oxygen content. Pollution does not appear to be a key, but wind related conditions tied to global warming.

Native American Indian nations who have a long history with nature have observed this dead zone of dead fish washing ashore for the fifth year in a row. This is the only time period in their long history that they have ever witnessed such a phenomenon.

Science patterns teach us that when nature dies, then man eventually dies. And with this slow death of the ocean due to global warming, mankind may find their own death somewhere in the future. A great deal of Asian societies count on the sea for food. If sealife dies, then starvation and famine may eventually result in poorer less developed nations whose survival counts on the sea for it's food supply.


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