Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rob Schneider Offers Some Empty Action Against Mel Gibson

I personally like Rob Schneider. He's actually a very nice fellow. But he makes some of the very worst imaginable movies. Only in terms of laughing at his films because they are so bad is any real enjoyment ever found. DUECE BIGALOW EUROPEAN GIGOLO was almost universally seen as the very worst movie of a year ago. I enjoyed this film only by laughing at the sheer awfulness of it, much like you enjoy the ineptness of an Ed Wood film. And other Rob Schneider bombs such as THE HOT CHICK, which Disney's Touchstone Pictures actually had the nerve to produce and market, are incomprehensibly awful and just plain head scratching.

One especially tough critic once even contended that in a film in which Rob Schneider had replaced Adam Sandler because of a previous filming obligation, was like "filling your gas tank with urine instead of unleaded". Ouch.

But I can also understand Rob Schneider's unhappiness at Mel Gibson. His anti-semite comments in his drunken state say much about the real character of Mel Gibson, and that he is really not a very guy at all unlike Rob Schneider. But Rob Scheider took out an ad on the Website of Variety to post an ad that he will never star in any film with Mel Gibson. Don't worry Rob. An "A" list celebrity like Mel Gibson is hardly likely to want to hinge his name on to the box office poison associated with "D" list celebrity Rob Schneider. But that is not to say that Rob Schneider is not a far better human being than Mel Gibson.

The new images of a totally stewed Mel Gibson with some foolish women at a bar wanting to be seen with him for a keepsake picture opt to bring home is simply pathetic. And his film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST dwelled solely on the horrors of the death of Jesus, offered no positive spiritual lessons from the life of Jesus conveying his wonderful sermons or life examples, and only seemed to blame Jews at every turn for the framing and execution death.

By comparison Rob Schneider quietly works behind the scenes by work with a charity foundation that he started, The Rob Schneider Music Foundation, to inspire, assist and encourage the value of music education among middle school and high school students. Mel Gibson may even help to sow the seeds of prejudice against Jews with the hidden agenda anti-semitism of his PASSION film, but Schneider at least elevates the arts and what is positive about culture by comparison.

Unbelievably, Rob Schneider actually got an early career start playing an Elvis impersonator in Japan. Maybe looks like Elvis over there. But his singing skills are actually very good. A high point for Rob Schneider was an appearance on Conan O'Brien's show and doing, Old McDonald Had A Farm as Elvis. Sometimes Rob Schneider inspires very warm feelings in an appearance like that. In another appearance he was ever so grateful to NBC which gave his MEN BEHAVING BADLY show many more chances than it really deserved. Only a very decent man could be so grateful in the face of a TV show cancellation. Other celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy were simply heartbroken when their show was cancelled. Kelly Rippa was very sad when HOPE & FAITH was cancelled because she loved the show so much. Rob Schneider was the most grateful and understanding man that I had ever seen in the face of a show cancellation.

Like many former SNL former cast members who went on to later TV and movie failures, Rob Schneider has faced setbacks at nearly every turn. But that is not to say that that this very nice man does not deserve another chance with the right script. Rob Schneider is a well liked man because he is so decent. That says a lot.


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