Monday, August 21, 2006

China's Antidog hysteria

China is a rotten place for a dog to live, unlike the U.S., France, or other parts of the Western world where dogs are held in high regard as a life form just slightly below humans. The latest antidog hysteria involves the murder of as many as 50,000 dogs in response to only a scattered number of rabies cases. Even housepets that have be vaccinated against rabies have been caught up in this latest hysteria. It is possible that as many as 500,000 dogs, most likely perfectly healthy, will be brutally murdered in this antirabies hysteria.

China has had a long history of disrespect for dogs and cats. China has repeatedly illegally shipped clothing and pet toy items to the U.S. made from dog or cat fur. Because of the nipples of the female animals reducing the usable fur surface, male dogs command a higher value in the production of clothing items, and the less usable female dog and cat fur will often find it's way into pet toys such as furry toy mice, etc.

And because of the radical writings of Chinese Communist government founder, Mao Zedong, dogs and cats have been long seen as examples of borgeoisie Chinese society during the days of rule by an emporer or the nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, and have become hated symbols of exploitation from the priveledged classes. Despite the growth of Chinese society into one of the most capitalistic and opportunistic societies in the world, far from any worker's revolution or "proletariat class struggle " roots.

It offends the great respect for dogs nature of the Western world, when a foreign society such as China holds these wonderful animals and best friends to humans in such low regard, and always for a long string of abuses of these animals since the 1949 Chinese revolution. China may want to be regarded as part of the modern world, but this continued animal abuse only creates new strains in Western moods towards this emerging world economic power.

You can do your part in saving some innocent lives of dogs by signing an Email to the Chinese government by a link on PETA's website at .


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