Sunday, August 20, 2006

More And More Omens Point Towards A Very Short MidEast Peace

Today the MidEast ceasefire agreement took more and more steps towards faltering. Israel put new demands that only nations that respect Irael's right to exist be allowed to station peacekeepers near her borders and also demanded that no Lebanese government troops be allowed to be stationed without U.N. supervision near her borders. And Iran today issued a statement only one day after test firing 10 short range missiles, that it will not abide by a U.N. declaration to stop uranium enrichment activity. It takes no MidEast scholar to tell that this recent peace agreement is already in great trouble.

Iran has been running war games in the region this weekend. and is now capable of producing it's own tanks, fighter aircraft, missiles and armored personnel carrier vehicles, so it could withstand any U.N. imposed arms embargo to the nation. The longer range, Shahab-3("shooting star" in the Persian Farsi language) is a perfect vehicle to hit targets as much as 1,200 miles away including Israel once nuclear warheads are developed. With multiple stages attached similar to the unsuccessful recent North Korean launch of the Taepodong 2 missile, this could extend the Shahab-3 range to as much as 4,000 to 4,500 miles.

Rather than the region returning to peace, for the secons time since Saturday, Israel has found a way to challenge aspects of the peace agreement that they only recently signed, or else seeks wiggle room to conduct more military actions in the name of national security. And Iran shows off their growing impressive stock of self produced arms and even flaunts that they do not intend to abide by world concerns about nuclear enrichment that will almost certainly spin off nuclear weapons.

The smaller comflict between Hezbollah and Israel was merely a dress rehearsal for a coming much worse conflict between Iran and Israel that will most likely include the use of nuclear weapons by at least one side. All in all, conditions are very similar to those that cry, "peace, peace" in scripture right before war grows way out of hand. Unless human nature changes very soon in the MidEast, then the world can only count the days until a far more serious conflict than the war in Lebanon will take place.


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