Thursday, August 17, 2006

OregonUnionFacts Is A Fascist Union Busting Attempt

An outrageous fascist website designed to drive down the wages of the working class of Oregon has appeared in a far right website called "OregonUnionFacts". These heartless and brainless right wing cranks bemoan paid sick leave and vacations, medical and dental benefits, and even belly ache that union members are given paid holidays such as Christmas to spend with their loved ones.

The website seems to bemoan that Democrats tend to receive more union support than Republicans. Well maybe if more Republicans wouldn't vote with WalMart and big business to keep working people in poverty, then maybe more Republicans would receive union support.

The website even names so-called union related "crime" statistics. Yet this shadowy organization that runs this antiunion website is entirely secretive about who is behind it, their finances, or any opportunity for public examination of a criminal background check of their own background. But far right lobbyist Rick Berman is the head of this highly secretative organization. He is the registered owner of the name of the organization. United Press International found that this highly secretative and shadowy organization stubbornly refuses to disclose it's funding sources. But estimates are that Berman's group has raised about $2.5 million, but it is uncertain how much has gone into Berman's pocket as salary from this secretative organization.

Berman has a long and seedy history of dealing in falsehoods, smears and personal attacks in numerous screwball right wing organizations and frontgroups of his own design such as, The Center For Consumer Freedom, The Employment Policies Institute, The Employment Roundtable and Big tobacco, alcohol, fast food, and other economic exploiters have been Berman's bread and butter financing for his outrageous right wing clown activites. If history is any guide, Berman will raise money from his latest shadowy political frontgroup, close it up after the November election, then open another one later and repeat the process. Berman's business is setting up a far right screwball group, raising money, then closing up and beating it, only to appear later under a new name.

If Berman cares about honesty as much as he claims, he should begin by being open about his finances, truthful with facts, open and not secretative and shadowy. His organizations are purely political and should comply with elections laws and public disclosure.

And because there are ballot issues in states dealing with union issues or contracts, the ads by this organization may violate Federal election laws as an illegal 527 political committee that seeks to evade Federal public disclosure of finances. This organization may be an illegal attempt to circumvent election disclosure laws.

Amazingly this organization even has the sheer nerve to ask the reader for donations. But who with a right mind is going to pay these jokers to drive down their wages or take away their medical or dental benefits? And doesn't seeking donations for purely political activity make this a political organization that is required to comply with Federal elections laws.


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