Sunday, August 20, 2006

Knits For Kids; Christian Love In Action

Ten years ago the Christian magazine, Guideposts, started a new helping project for readers to take the time to knit sweaters for the poor children of the Third World. Today nearly 300,000 sweaters have been knitted for these poor children of the world.

Rather than merely buying a sweater, the time taken to knit every stitch gives the maker the time to reflect in prayer about the needs of the poor. Merely buying a sweater simply does not involve the sacrifice or love offering of one's own time, to take on a painstakingly long project of sacrifice for poor children.

The sheer joy in the face of a poor Third World child who is given a new sweater of their very own, that is theirs alone to keep, must really be something. Normally the poor children of the world search out garbage piles for clothing or food to eat, discards from the better off in their society. In these poor societies nothing ever goes to waste like in the U.S. or affluent nations.

The Knits For Kids project not only puts wonderful new clothes on poor children who need decent clothing, but bring the sweater makers ever closer to prayer and to God. This wonderful project fulfills the needs of the poor and the spiritual needs of the sweater makers.

Anyone who would love to help out this project of sheer Christian love for the poor may research it here at .


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