Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Regis Philbin & David Hasselhoff; Airline Security Experts?

After the news of the British arrests in the airline terrorism plot, an almost circuslike atmosphere soon developed where unlikely blue-haired grandmother types, miles from any terrorism profile, were required to leave their bottles of Ensure back at the airport if they intended to board any departing airline flight.

The circuslike atmosphere only worsened when INSIDE EDITION interviewed AMERICA'S GOT TALENT stars, Regis Philbin and David Hasselhoff, for their opinions on this latest terrorism scare. Why these two were interviewed for their opinions on terrorism rather than any real experts on the subject is a very good question. But for an increasingly silly atmosphere surrounding this terrorism scare, it only seemed like a fitting escalation of the nonsense factor.

But why stop at just Regis Philbin or David Hasselhoff. Fellow AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judges, Brandy, and Simon Cowell clone judge, Piers Morgan, should not be ignored for their expertise on world terrorism.

But why stop at just the judges of AMERICA's GOT TALENT, when the acts can be included for their level of expertise on world terrorism. What does Bobby Badfingers have to say that is pertinent on the subject? How about the very flamboyant, nearly seven foot tall, Leonid The Magnificent, who dressed in a quasi-bridal gown and threw David Hasselhoff his bouquet. In a few scant moments of wild and weird neo-cross dressing entertainment, the entire Gay cause was set back nearly twenty years. But that hardly disqualifies him for his opinion on the worldwide Islamic Jihad. Or what about old-style burlesque dancer, Michele L'Amour, whose sexy cavorting and bra toss from the front of Kit(the talking Firebird) from KNIGHT RIDER, should not be construed not to mean that she is not a serious expert on issues of the roots of MidEast frictions. Or maybe, Quick Change, the amazing quick wardrobe change artists or Celtic Spring, the family of Celtic dancers and musicians, need to have their voices heard on the critically important issues of MidEast problems.

I actually like Regis Philbin and David Hasselhoff, and AMERICA'S GOT TALENT very much. And the wacky as well as good acts add a great deal to this fun show. It was one of the best summer programs ever. But just how Regis Philbin and David Hasselhoff ever were interviewed for their opinions on airline security issues is certainly far beyond me. Somehow entertainers seem to be often interviewed for their opinions on any topic simply because of their celebrity staus. This is just one part of the sheer strangeness of the public interest in celebrities. Their voices seem to get heard on issues that they sometimes have little expertise with.


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