Friday, August 18, 2006

JonBenet Murder Suspect Likely A Liar

There was some brief public hope that 10 year old murder mystery of little six year old JonBenet Ramsey would be resolved. But the story of the claimed killer is quickly falling apart. John Mark Karr had claimed to have drugged little JonBenet, yet no where in the autopsy did any sign of drugs show up. And the exwife of Karr now claims that he never lived in Colorado where the murder took place but far away in Alabama.

Unfortunately, Karr is likely a very disturbed man whom is only seeking notoriety in a high profile crime case by falsely claimimg involvement and creating a false confession. It is a shame when an insignificant loser makes up false stories only because their life is so insignificant.

Karr also has some unhealthy sexual impulses towards children according to allegations, which is very unsettling. But his claims of involvement in the JonBenet murder are quickly falling apart and when he flunks the DNA evidence test, then his absurd story will really fall apart.

It's a deep shame that a very sick individual has raised public hopes of resolving this murder mystery. But this terrible crime is very likely to go back to unresolved shortly. Karr's absurd claims resolved nothing, and only raised and then dashed public hopes.


At 6:33 PM, Blogger jimdragontechj said...

It is probable the current suspect is a liar, but there suuposedly is something he knows that hasn't been reported to the public.
Should this be true, he should still be examined, both for competency (obviously lacking) and information he may have gained, pointing to the killer, and how, unless he's a very good guesser, or another Sylvia Brown.


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