Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Little Known Flying Intelligence Center Monitors MidEast War

A little known high flying intelligence center, the RC-135 is monitoring the current MidEast war situation and nations such as Iran. The RC-135 Rivet joint reconnaissance aircraft is an extremely high altitude craft that flies far beyond the ceiling height of antiaircraft weapons and missiles, and is a mobile command center for a crew of 34, including a cockpit crew of five, three or more electronic warfare officers, 14 intelligence operators and four inflight maintenance crew members.

This mobile airborne intelligence gathering command center is able to have a wide radar window over much of the MidEast. It has detected at least one Iranian submarine off the coast of Lebanon likely involved in intelligence support of the 100 or more Iranian Revolutionary Guards elite forces that support Hezbollah(The Army Of God) that Iran established in Lebanon to fight a proxy war with Israel. These elite Iranian guards likely fired the radar guided missile that heavily damaged an Israeli warship.

The RC-135 has also detected some movement of missiles within Iran that is highly suspect. Whether this movement is intended as a defensive move or could be transported to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon to provide the range required to hit Tel Aviv is not yet known at this point. While the military of Syria has declined in quality over the last several years, Iran continues to improve it's weapons and has based some longer range missiles off of North Korea designed missiles that were reverse engineered.

It is certainly unlikely at this point that Iran wishes to join the war with Hezbollah at this point in anyofficial manner, but covertly will attempt to resupply this terrorist revolutionary Shiite militia with new weapons to assist their fight with Israel. Longer range or more effective rockets or missiles are likely arms transfers. And although the Iranian submarine likely has both missile and torpedo firing capability, it likely is an intelligence gathering unit, and will not join the war officially.

But the American public is far from safe from Hezbollah. During the Reagan Administration, 241 American Marines were killed in a suicide bombing of their barracks. In Iraq, Hezbollah is thought to be responsible for new roadside bombs highly fatal to even the most bomb resistant U.S. vehicles. In the U.S., the FBI is monitoring suspected Hezbollah cells to prevent any terrorism at home that could help to drag the U.S. into a larger MidEast war.

It probably will not benefit Hezbollah very much at this point to directly draw the U.S. into a larger conflict at this time. But the intentions of Iran can never be certain, as they are a radical and unpredictable state. If Iran feels that it it serves some purpose, then Hezbollah could act in terrorist acts against Americans to further worsen this MidEast conflict.

War is a terrible thing. And when Hezbollah firmly believes that they are carrying out the will of God, then there is great potential for things to carry to any extreme. Religious radicalism is one of the most dangerous factors in the world today. Religious radicals act with great extremism that most secular persons would shy away from.


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