Friday, September 30, 2011

CBS Gets Lion's Share Of Top 20 TV Shows According To Latest Nielsen Ratings

CBS walked away with 12 of the top 20 TV shows according to the Nielsen ratings for last week's programming. ABC was in second place with 7 top shows, while FOX drew 2, and NBC just one, their weekly NFL football coverage. The good news for CBS was also that some of their new series appeared to be ratings hits such as TWO BROKE GIRLS, UNFORGETTABLE & PERSON OF INTEREST.

NBC seems to be the clear loser among the networks here, where some of their series such as THE PLAYBOY CLUB and FREE AGENTS are quick ratings flops, although NBC executives are declining to cancel both at this time. NBC still hopes that both shows can build an audience. But, that's a far cry from things over at CBS where TWO BROKE GIRLS was an instant hit, and became the biggest new show of the season so far.

Things aren't quite as bad over at FOX as they seem. Simon Cowell's X-FACTOR is a reasonable hit, and after January when AMERICAN IDOL debuts, the network will post much bigger overall numbers for their network.


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