Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top Female Celebrities Who Just Love Porn

A number of big name female celebrities like to brag about their own love of porn. While some claim that it just breaks boredom watching it in a hotel room, others just love watching juicy sex on cable, DVDS or the Internet.

Cameron Diaz opened up on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show that she just loves to watch porn while staying in a hotel room while traveling. And Taylor Momsen, who just turned 18 recently, has been into porn for some time as a teenager. She even fancies herself as a fairly good critic of a good porn film vs. a bad one. She especially loves a good celebrity sex tape and even has her own favorite porn stars that she loves to watch in films. She's a big critic of the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sex video claiming that it's not only not a very good video for one thing, but that she'd wouldn't want to "do" Tommy Lee either. Ok. We can pretty well guess what Taylor Momsen's been doing running around with a bunch of older musician-types for the last few years now.

Singer Aubrey O'Day is such a fan of porn that she loves to make her own. But, she's such a self-critic that she usually ends up deleting a video after viewing some sexual performance that could have been a little bit better. Oh, always a critic!

Dita Von Teese loves to surf for sex videos on the Internet. But, apparently she doesn't like the real kinky stuff, and just loves the more mainstream "Ye Olde In And Out" stuff. But, she also claims that you can find something for "everyone" on the Internet, which still makes you wonder what sort of naughty stuff is her favorite to watch.

Jessica Alba is a little set of contradictions. She doesn't like to do nudity in films, where her nudity in MACHETE was computer generated where bra and panties were digitally erased. But, she did do a bare ass spanking scene for THE KILLER INSIDE ME which was pretty hot for a mainstream movie though. Jessica loves to rent hardcore DVDS, with FETISH ISLAND and NEOPORNOGRAPHIA two of her favorites. FETISH ISLAND is from Bizarre Video, a large producer of bondage and spanking porn movies, while the NEOPORNGRAPHIA series features some rough and intense acts such as fisting. It sounds like Jessica likes her porn as naughty as it comes.

Singer Lily Allen loves watching porn in hotel rooms while touring the world, partially because sex videos don't need an English translation to keep up with the action in a foreign language. But, she finds a lot of the local porn in Japan sort of sick and twisted where showing genitals is forbidden by the Japanese Constitution that General Douglas MacArthur helped to draw up for country after WWII and the Japanese court system makes it difficult to overturn that ban on genitalia. Some Japanese porn uses bizarre depictions of violence, urination or feces to compensate for not being able to show genital sex without pixelation. That certainly makes some Japanese porn very controversial.

Tori Spelling gave SugarDVD a little free advertising when she gave a magazine interview telling the publication that she buys all of her hardcore from this company. I'm sure SugarDVD loves the free publicity and would like to thank the actress. Now, how about giving her a free DVD SugarDVD?

Nick Cannon is not only the luckiest man in the world, married to beautiful mega-babe Mariah Carey, who is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. Mariah once claimed that she loves to watch hardcore sex videos at home with her husband, during his radio show. Well, you certainly know what follows when you watch enough of this stuff don't you. Sex is a lousy spectator sport, a better participant one, don't you?


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