Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mother Of All Major League WTF News!: Man Now Holds The Patent To Building A Snowman

Some stories go far beyond normal major league WTFdom status. This is one of them. Unbelievably, a New York man, Ignacio Marc Asperas, has now been officially given the patent from The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office for building a snowman and now likely has the right to sue anyone who builds a snowman without paying him royalties. After submitting the necessary forms with the office and a careful patent search by workers at The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office, Asperas was finally awarded the patent for building a snowman.

This Winter you better beware. Asperas might have teams of lawyers out looking for infringing snowman copies on your front lawn, and you could be slapped with a huge lawsuit for ripping off his design. This can easily become an expensive scam for many unwary persons, not realizing that a patent holder can now legally pursue them in court for only having a little Winter fun with their kids. Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Of all of the WTF stories ever proudly published here, this is indubitably the greatest of them all. This is the mother of all major league WTF stories.


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