Saturday, September 24, 2011

Former Godfather's Pizza CEO, Herman Cain, Pulls off Surprise Florida Straw Poll Win

Herman Cain, the former Godfather's CEO, just made history Saturday by his surprise win in the Florida Republican Straw Poll, becoming the only nonpolitician among the crowded Republican field to win a state poll so far. Cain gathered an impressive 37 percent of the vote compared to national frontrunner and Texas Governor Rick Perry who only gathered 15 percent of the vote as as his Florida campaign seemed to stall and then implode from a variety of mistakes.

Cain is also a Baptist minister in addition to being a former Chairman of the Kansas Reserve Board. He also is a well respected radio host. Cain brings a depth of experience in economics that that his rival candidates seemed unable to match. While being a social issue type conservative, Cain's business experience makes him an extremely attractive candidate to voters who are looking for someone with business and financial experience to fix the ailing American economy.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was encouraged by a large pool of grassroots support to run for president, and quickly took on the role of frontrunner over Mitt Romney. but he seems to struggle with too many problems for many voters, only helping Herman Cain to gather his surprise win despite a more shoestring campaign effort.

GOP voters in Florida seem to be looking for someone fresh, who's not a politician, and whose business experience and mastery of economics makes him seem like an excellent choice. Cain made a good impression to these type of voters.


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