Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TWO AND A HALF MEN Revamps With Monster Ratings, But Horrible Reviews

Maybe CBS and Chuck Lorre ought to beg Charlie Sheen to come back. Last night's premiere without Charlie Sheen may have drawn huge ratings, but the show was a critical failure and audiences only groaned across the country. The 27 million viewers for last night's program in which we discover that the wacky Rose murdered Charlie Harper outraged viewers who were unhappy that the goofy Rose went from off-the-wall to being an outright killer. In addition, the storyline that Ashton Kutcher was a suicidal billionaire who just happened to purchase Charlie Harper's beach front home at a whim seem more than contrived and also was a terrible storyline as well. How can this series possibly keep up the ratings this season.

Everyone in the U.S., including probably Charlie Sheen, had to watch last night. But, it's highly doubtful they will continue to watch this mess which seemed to really jump the shark last night.

Chuck Lorre and the crew of writers and producers had all Summer to write this show. And last night's fiasco sure didn't showcase that effort very well. It was a major league disappointment clearly out-shined by the better writing of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and TWO BROKE GIRLS.

TWO AND HALF MEN is in clear trouble unless it can get back to it's winning formula. But that's impossible without Charlie Sheen in the cast. He was perfect in this show, and clearly missed last night.


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