Sunday, August 14, 2011

TBS Cancels LOPEZ TONIGHT; CONAN Could Be Next.....

After making the decision to cancel LOPEZ TONIGHT, the ratings challenged talk show hosted by comic George Lopez, TBS claims that cancellation of CONAN isn't next. But, industry insiders disagree. Conan O'Brien is personally so concerned about a looming cancellation that he didn't address the LOPEZ TONIGHT cancellation in his monologue, and instead chose to send a quiet personal letter of regret to George Lopez instead. Conan is so frightened of a looming cancellation by TBS that he doesn't want to somehow remind the cable TV network that they might have forgotten to cancel his show as well.

TBS claims that the numbers for George Lopez were much worse than that for Conan resulting in the cancellation. The ratings for Lopez's show sank from a high of 910,00 to a low point of just 391,000 recently. Conan's show slipped from a high of 2 million viewers down to just 709,000 average viewers recently. Any show with more than a 50% audience slide should be concerned with possible if not likely, cancellation say some industry insiders.

Come September, the real job for Conan O'Brien is to start lifting his ratings and to prevent his show for being just another failed comic entry on TBS. Of all the networks, Conan O'Brien chose to go with TBS, which has a bad track record where shows like FRANK TV have quickly come and gone. Nothing really prevented Conan O'Brien from staying over at NBC other than his pride and his ego. Being shoved to after midnight by NBC wouldn't have been the end of the world. But, being canceled by TBS would certainly be the kiss of death for any TV show hosting career by Conan. Not even Lazarus could come back from a death like that.

Picking a failed comedy graveyard like TBS as the final resting spot for your TV career isn't the very best career management choice, Conan.