Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dennis Rodman Inducted Into The Basketball Hall Of Fame

Dennis Rodman felt so humbled and honored to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame in Springfield Friday night that his emotional speech focused largely on his shortcomings as a person. But, that's okay, Dennis. The fact of the matter is that Dennis Rodman not only brought his uniquely eccentric personality to the game, but also one of the NBA's greatest rebounding performances as well. And that's the unique combination that made Dennis Rodman a major NBA entity. He was both colorful as well as a legendary athlete.

With so many bland personalities in the game these days, it's very easy to miss Dennis Rodman. Dennis brought us great times. And the fact of the matter he's also one of the nicest guys around. Dennis is a legend for being kind and generous to his friends.

In grade school Dennis had an interesting history as a misfit. He was the tall Black kid whose best friend was the small White kid in his class. These two were best pals for years. But, then Dennis got the last laugh when hie landed his NBA career and went on to become a legend. Now, he's been honored for his great career elevating the game of basketball.

Nice guys do finish first after all.


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