Monday, August 08, 2011

Major League WTF? College Students Summit Outrageous Sex Videos To Win Cash Prizes

Ever wonder how some students will pay for college this coming year? Well, a nightly news broadcast recently shined a light on an outrageous amateur porn site called COLLEGE RULES where real college dorm students summit real amateur sex videos to win cash prizes up to $10,000. And you'll be absolutely shocked at just how naughty these college kids can get. This is an unbelievable naughty site here. It's absolutely incredible what outrageous things that some really good looking college kids will do to earn themselves some tuition money. I guess getting naughty on camera for a few minutes is better than working a job at McDonalds for months, huh?

Hey, parents, get your heart medicine ready and check out what your kids are doing at COLLEGE RULES only if you must. You'll be shocked. I promise!

I know some parents must feel so proud of their kids right about now.


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