Friday, August 05, 2011

Time Warner CEO Claims That Free Internet Porn Is Hurting The Company's Financial State

Time Warner CEO, Glenn Britt, had a rather eye opening bit of business news to share, or more exactly that free porn on the Internet is hurting Time Warner financially, competing with their paid video on demand services. A WALL STREET JOURNAL piece also said about the same - Who wants to pay Time Warner $9.98 to watch some quaint sex romp HD title when you can always watch enough good stuff just surfing for free on the net to get your jolly fix. Some websites even post free legal downloads of some video titles, only undercutting other paid adult dvd or video services as well.

Britt's statements also suggest that porn is now a mainstream form of entertainment where huge corporations such as Time Warner and major hotel chains that sell pay-per-view want to make obscene profits from sexually explicit entertainment. That's a far different business environment than some pro-censorship Washington do-gooders like to paint. They like to paint a phony image of adult entertainment purveyors as a bunch of dirty old criminal degenerates, instead of recognizing that Time Warner and many other mainstream NYSE white collar professional business types are in the business.

While mainstream business types are now some pf the largest purveyors of porn, politicians in Washington lag far behind the times socially, many of which are continuously calling for stricter censorship of free speech and more government crackdowns on porn. But, there is a huge public demand and market for sexually explicit entertainment, and Time warner recognizes that fact and wants a big chunk of that market. But, many in Washington aren't very amused at this. Washington just doesn't like the fact that millions of Americans probably unwind after a hard day of work with a good dirty movie. That fact seems to just break their ass.