Saturday, August 13, 2011

Major League WTF? Olympic Hopeful Urinates On Child Airliner Passenger

In the hallowed halls of major league WTFdom, few stories come as outrageous as this one. 18 year old U.S. ski team member, Robert Vietze, had done some major league underage drinking and on a flight on Jet Blue from Mt. Hood, Oregon to New York, began to urinate on the leg of an 11 year old girl passenger who is also a stage four cancer patient. Vietze was arrested by federal authorities, however charges were apparently later dropped because the father didn't want his daughter being put through more stress than she is already facing.

The big issue here is why was someone allowed on a plane that stinking drunk and disorderly who just had 8 beers. That's some heavy duty drinking. Secondly, how in major league F does a guy get so drunk that he can't even tell a child's leg from a urinal. That's screwed up drunk.

Well, it appears that the Olympic hopes of Vietze are now toast. He's officially off the team. That's good.