Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taylor Momsen Finally Turns 18

Taylor Momsen, that rock and roll brat, has just recently turned 18 on July 26. But, that's probably not all that much relief to her parents where she continues to be outrageous and run around with male musicians far older than herself. She's a very fine singer, however her antics have made things just plain creepy. When she was only just 16 she recorded most of the tracks for her latest album release which received very good critical reviews. However, it remains to be seen whether turning 18 will begin to moderate Momsen, or whether it will only open up more opportunities to outrageousness.

Momsen needs to take heed of the tragic example of Amy Winehouse or even Lindsay Lohan. You live too far out there, and you risk your very life. Have fun Taylor. But, watch yourself. Keep your life in check. You're a very fine hard rock singer, but you're just living way too fast. Slow down a little.