Sunday, October 03, 2010

Russian Motorcycle Brand Ural Brings Back The Sidecar

Founded in the Soviet Union in 1940, after reverse engineering some BMW motorcycles, IMZ-Ural survived both the war and the collapse of the Soviet Union to continue to build a line of rugged motorcycles, most known for including a sidecar. While most of the Ural motorcycles continue to be sold in the former Soviet Union, many imports of the sturdy Russian brand are finding their way to the United States and other countries.

Ural has produced over 3.2 million motorcycles since the days of Stalinist Russia, and with some designs such as the Gear-up looking much like a war surplus item, the brand has an appeal to the collector of unique bikes. Other models feature a more retro look with windshield sidecar. The company markets a full line of products to satisfy almost any sort of sidecar motorcycle buyer.

With prices starting at $9,999, Ural motorcycles may not be very cheap. But, the company builds a design proven to withstand the roughest of Soviet roads and backwoods driving. And that says a lot for body, frame and suspension strength.