Monday, June 07, 2010

Shannon Price Stands To Profit From Gruesome Photos Of Gary Coleman

TMZ and other sources are reporting that the widow of Gary Coleman, Shannon Price, has completed a deal to sell three gruesome hospital photos of a bloody Gary Coleman hooked up to life support tubes to the tabloids for a five figure price. A death photo wasn't part of the deal. But that could come later.

For her part, Shannon Price showed up in a wheelchair for her GOOD MORNING AMERICA interview that ran this morning. It was only more questionable theatrics from the professional drama queen.

Apparently a lawyer that worked for Coleman now claims that the couple divorced in August 2008. But it's unclear whether they actually remarried or not. It's also somewhat unclear whether Shannon Price actually had the legal authority to pull life support for Coleman as well. A manager, Dion Mial, has taken over becoming executor of the late actor's estate because it appears that Shannon Price did not have that authority as a legal survivor. Price apparently lacks legal authority to oversee the funeral of Coleman as well.

Even in death, the DIFF'RENT STROKES kids continue to make wacky news. Now, Todd Bridges has an awesome responsibility to carry on the wacky behavior for all three actors.