Friday, June 04, 2010

Family Feud Delays Gary Coleman's Funeral

The Gary Coleman death story just took another strange turn. The widow of Coleman, Shannon Price is involved in a family feud with Gary Coleman's parents, delaying his funeral which was supposed to take place this Saturday morning.

Further, Shannon Price is making more bad news on her own with the release of some new photos posted over TMZ that show the supposed grieving widow to be all smiles only hours after deciding to pull the plug on Coleman. Shannon Price was photographed with Shielia Erickson, an agent who worked for both Coleman and Price. The couple met while working on a low budget comedy movie set back in 2006.

Shannon Price did an interview hours after deciding to end Coleman's life. The photo shoot was taken just before that. Price claimed that Coleman did a lot of great things for her like "he's bought me a car". However, when Price called 9/11 after Coleman hit his head, she claimed on the phone to the emergency operator that she couldn't drive a car to the emergency because she supposedly has seizures.

Strangely, Price also used the interview as an opportunity to blast Lindsay Lohan claiming that she used to respect her because she has "red hair" and was in "PARENT TRAP".

Even in death, the Gary Coleman sideshow only continues.