Friday, June 04, 2010

Cd Review: AC/DC IRON MAN 2 Soundtrack

AC/DC was chosen by the producers of IRON MAN 2 to provide the soundtrack. And the result is a very nicely remastered compilation of 15 essential loud and rockin' AC/DC standards. The cd also includes a very nice companion DVD that not only includes some great live performances of classic songs from the album, but a great "Shoot To Thrill" IRON MAN 2 video.

Some very nice photos of the band spanning their career are included as well, making this an excellent value package and a real must for any true AC/DC fan.

All in all this is very impressive package, which offers plenty to enjoy. There's the songs, the videos, and the great booklet section included in the Cd packaging.

The Bottom Line: An extremely good AC/DC product. A must have. +++1/2(Three and a half stars for overall enjoyment, quality and enjoyment).


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