Sunday, June 06, 2010

Betty White & Rue McClanahan's Favorite Dirty Jokes

On the set of THE GOLDEN GIRLS in between filming, best friends Rue McClanahan and Betty White often used to tell some really funny dirty jokes. Both were ardent animal lovers, who strangely liked to often tell dirty jokes about animals.

To paraphrase one blue joke Betty White told Rue McClanahan on the set, "A young woman is pulled by a gorilla into his cage and he sexually assaults her. People told the woman, "You must feel terrible". The woman replies, "I sure do. He never writes or calls".

And Rue McClanahan told a funny one about a man stranded on a deserted island with a dog and a pig. To paraphrase that joke, "A man's stranded on a deserted island with a dog and a pig. After some time he starts to find that pig looking pretty attractive and tries to make romantic moves on the pig. But, his dog starts to bark and stops him. At night he tries again, but the dog again barks at him and stops him. One day, a beautiful blond also becomes shipwrecked on the island and meets the man meets her for the first time. "I'm so glad to see you. Can you hold that darn dog!".

Bet your grandmothers never told dirty jokes this good, huh? Thank you for being a dirty friend?