Saturday, June 05, 2010

John Densmore Of The Doors Surfaces In Paris

A 65 year old John Densmore, former drummer for the legendary rock group, The Doors, surfaced this week at an event in Paris. Since his days in the rock band fronted by the controversial ,Jim Morrison, Densmore has returned to his jazz musician roots and has a new jazz group, Tribaljazz.
Densmore has even tried his hand at acting. But, the great musician provided drums for performance dance shows for several years and even won an NAACP Award for his musicianship and music writing abilities.

Densmore has at times had strained relations with the other surviving Doors members. Being an ardent environmentalist, Densmore joined family members of the late Jim Morrison and his late common-law wife to sue to prevent the other Doors members from leasing Cadillac the song, "Break On Through" for an advertising campaign, although it cost the royalty holders $15 million in lost royalties. Densmore claims that after he allowed Pirelli to use the song, "Riders On The Storm" for some tire ads, he heard Jim Morrison's voice scolding him and he donated the money to charity. Jim Morrison once vetoed a lucrative offer to use Doors music in an automobile ad.

But at other times, the accomplished musician has had very warm relations with both guitarist Robbie Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek from the band. He has worked on both music and film projects with the other two over the years, and the three have mended any differences.

Thanks for running that photo of the legendary drummer, TMZ. Fans of The Doors love the latest news of this great band.