Thursday, May 13, 2010

Those Outrageous New CBS Comedy Pilots With Really Bad Names

CBS has some pretty good comedy pilots in development right now, set to plug any holes in their schedule. Especially, when folks like Charlie Sheen hang the fate of TWO AND A HALF MEN in the air with his own wacky personal life news. Even co-star Jon Cryer donated a little goofy personal news recently as well. But, CBS needs to do some real work on finding more family friendly names for their project pilot shows if shows like TWO AND A HALF MEN or THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE may not be returning in the Fall.

All of this brings us to the new CBS pilot called SHIT MY DAD SAYS. I kid you not, this is actually the real name of a real promising CBS pilot starring Nicole Sullivan, William Shatner and Will Sasso. The show's premise sounds great, but that project name is beyond awful and certainly needs a change. But of all the new CBS pilots this show really stands out from the pack. And with the star power this show brings, this show has a real hit quality about it.

The pilot involves a twenty-something that moves back home with their outrageous dad. Given the immense talents of Nicole Sullivan, Will Sasso and William Shatner, I'm personally watching this show if it ever airs. This sounds like one of the best casts since EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, THE KING OF QUEENS or NIGHT COURT.

And CBS has another promising pilot in a new Drew Carey executive production called of all things WTF!. WTF? This is another outrageous unacceptable name for another CBS pilot that's far better than it's name would certainly imply.

This new pilot involves a regular comedy troupe pulling outrageous impromptu stunts in front of a hidden camera. This is an old formula lifted from CANDID CAMERA, but it certainly sounds like a new generation might get a laugh from this old premise revived.

CBS has some great pilots currently in production. But, who the heck is naming these shows?


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