Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paul McCartney At Odds With EMI Over Digital Music Downloads Issue

Paul McCartney has an ongoing feud with EMI over the issue of digital music downloads. It appears that EMI owns the rights to The Beatles music catalog, however the catalog is only available for sale on Cds as negotiations to provide the music to sources like Amazon and Apple ITunes have gone nowhere. Paul McCartney wants the music available as digital downloads, but executives at EMI have allowed some of their own contract issues to prevent this agreement. So the music by The Beatles remains missing from digital downloads, while most other artists music is available.

However, all is not bad. Cds still have a far superior sound quality than the lower quality highly compressed digital downloads. And the recently released remastered versions of The Beatles albums can really be enjoyed best through the highest quality playback available, something that the inferior sounding digital downloads certainly lack. Plus, physical Cds allow for the inclusion of great bonus artwork and booklets, all of which are missing from the digital downloads which are hardly a great buy for an inferior audio quality product with missing bonus features.

No doubt, all of these issues will someday be resolved. But for today, serious issues still stand in the way.

Funny thing, The Beatles were once at the forefront of innovation. But, that was before the digital age.


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