Saturday, May 15, 2010

Roger Ebert's AT THE MOVIES Ending After 24 Seasons

AT THE MOVIES, the great film review show founded by Roger Ebert and friendly rival critic Gene Siskel will be ending in August after 24 seasons. However, Roger Ebert is working on a new program to replace the series, where the familiar "thumbs up, thumbs down" ratings are likely to make a return. Disney appears to be scaling back on some of their syndicated shows with THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER also being canceled.

Although AT THE MOVIES aired under various names during it's long TV run, it has always been a favorite with a core of movie fans and will be sorely missed.

Roger Ebert himself had to suspend his own appearances on the show during 2006 as he underwent thyroid cancer treatment. Eventually, Ebert was left severely disfigured from surgery and unable to speak, although he continues as film critic for the CHICAGO SUN TIMES. Ebert's original co-host for AT THE MOVIES was movie critic Gene Siskel of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Siskel died in 1999 after losing his own battle to cancer.
Other movie review programs have come and gone, however AT THE MOVIES seemed the most durable of the lot by far, with Disney's long term commitment to the series despite all of the personal tragedy of the hosts of the show.
Roger Ebert is facing some difficult times right now. However, his surgery has been successful and his health stabilized. Ebert's ready to move on with his life and to continue a movie review show, Disney or not.


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