Thursday, May 13, 2010


MEADOWOODS is a very cheaply done, yet effectively unsettling little horror film. Using a dime store sized budget, the film is like watching a videotaped chronicle of the sick adventures of three young bored college aged kids who develop a twisted plan to abduct and kill a victim chosen at random in an improvised execution chamber built from wood and hardware store parts.

The film is shot in a low budget style similar to the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, with a home movie camera capturing all of the events with the exception of cameras in the box capturing the last moments of life of the innocent victim. It's a very disturbing film to say the least.

The indifference to life by the three kids involved in the murder plot is morally appalling. They're so twisted and without any soul or compass of values. And you feel a little like a strange sort of voyeur watching their twisted plan of choosing a victim, building the death chamber from hardware store parts, and ultimately enacting the crime.

The Bottom Line: While hardly the very best horror film that I've ever seen, MEADOWOODS is still very effective and interesting enough for a viewing. ++1/2(Two and a half stars, or a little better than fair, although some folks really like this movie and consider it to be one of the best of the 2010 new releases, although I personally liked it a little less than that. But it's still worth a good viewing).


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