Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final Strokes: Dana Plato's Son Kills Himself

As if the pathetic life of former DIFFERENT STROKES star Dana Plato wasn't sad enough, things took a new bad turn as news has now broke that her son, Tyler Lambert, 25, has killed himself. Plato herself had overdosed on prescription drugs inside her parked RV in 1999, ending up dead. Since the age of 14, the very troubled actress had some problems with prescription drug abuse and overdosing.

After DIFFERENT STROKES ended, all three of the young cast members fell into scandals and bad publicity. Dana Plato's acting career quickly declined after the TV show was canceled, where one point she was even arrested for robbing a video store of about $200 with a pellet gun while working at a dry cleaners business across the street. Singer Wayne Newton felt sorry for her and posted her $13,000. Plato received five years probation for the robbery charge.

Plato once claimed that an accountant supposedly stole most of her money while on the HOWARD STERN radio program once before. However, bad financial management and drug abuse seemed more likely explanations for her declined lifestyle.

Plato's acting career also hit rock bottom as well, where it pretty much became a soft porn career of doing nude shots or starring in really bad B grade films, only trading on her famous name from DIFFERENT STROKES fame and her bad girl image. Her co-stars Gary Coleman a nd Todd Bridges each have repeatedly made bad news as well.

The family trainwreck hit a new low when almost 11 years to the day, her son is now dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, following experimentation with drugs and alcohol.


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