Friday, April 30, 2010

Mackenzie Phillips Completes Drug Program, Drug Charge Dropped

Actress Mackenzie Phillips has successfully completed her drug program, so the judge in her drug charge case dropped the drug charge against her. The 50 year old actress actually thanked the police officer for arresting her as it helped her to turn around her drug problems. Mackenkie's lawyer, Blair Berk, is the lawyer to many troubled Hollywood stars.

The actress was once a cast member of the TV series, ONE DAY AT A TIME, but was fired because of her drug problems.

At the heart of her drug problems might be the decade of sexual abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of her father, John Phillips, from The Mamas And Papas. Mackenkie Phillips claims that this abuse started around the age of nine, and only stopped the day before her first marriage at the age of nineteen when she claims that her father raped her one last time for old times sake. If true, her life was so traumatic that drugs likely became an escape from all of the emotional pain.

Whether this will be the end of the drug abuse issues with the actress remains to be seen. But she certainly has our best wishes and prayers that she can move on with her life.


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