Saturday, May 01, 2010

Conan O'Brien Throws More Barbs At NBC On 60 MINUTES

Conan O'Brien was warned by NBC to stop trashing the network. But, he just can't help himself it seems. During a taping for this Sunday's 60 MINUTES, Conan O'Brien, sporting his finest unemployment beard, once again takes a few jabs at both NBC and at Jay Leno. Neither NBC nor Jay Leno are likely to be very happy campers.

As part of his multi-million dollar deal out the door, Conan was supposed to stop trashing the "Peacock Network". But, no doubt, 60 MINUTES will make some more news trotting out this old story once again. But, likely much of the public is growing weary of hearing Mr. O'Brien bringing out his victim violin once again.

60 MINUTES is at it's best when it reports big stories such as the near accidental end of the world or something of similar importance. But, hearing Mr. O'Brien lament how much both Leno and NBC screwed him for the 9,999th time is getting plenty tiresome and the best May sweeps story that 60 MINUTES could run in my view.

Here's some news for Conan. His show failed to maintain Leno's audience, losing about 52% of THE TONIGHT SHOW viewers. He started out with good guests, but as his ratings got weaker, "A" list stars got bookings on higher rated shows to promote their movies, TV shows or books. The fact of the matter is that Conan O'Brien failed in his time slot for a number of reasons, part of them of his own fault. Now, he wants to trash both NBC and Leno one more time. 60 MINUTES gives Conan one more platform to blame everyone except himself for his own failure.


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