Monday, March 08, 2010

Who's The Man! Who's Your Oscar Daddy?

The last couple of days, just for the fun of it we polled the predictions of Roger Ebert, movie critic extraordinary, the fine Strippers from Rick's Cabaret, and myself to see who would could the closest to picking the Oscar winners. Well, Roger, you're the man! You got all five top winners for best picture, best actors, best supporting actors and director right on the money! Good job!

But, well, the strippers from Rick's Cabaret definitely aren't men, or the man, here. They got just one right. They correctly picked Mo'Nique to win best supporting actress. Maybe they should stick to their day job, which they are definitely very good at.

And as for me, well I did fairly good, with the exception of missing the biggest award, the best picture prize. Even worse, I went with this picture to post.