Monday, February 15, 2010

Southwest Airlines Vs. Kevin Smith

It seems that when Southwest Airlines kicked filmmaker Kevin Smith, baggy shorts and all, off one of their airliners this weekend, they just didn't understand the power of his wrath. Kevin Smith spent yesterday in an hour and a half SModcast rant attacking the airline saying they should have wider seats, etc.

But, it had to be a humiliating experience for the talented filmmaker to be taken off one of the airline's planes. And this might just be an event that triggers a call for federal regulations to prevent weight-based discrimination against passengers on airlines.

The accomplished filmmaker's first film was CLERKS, which was filmed in the same convenience store that was employed in. He shot the low budget film for less than $26,000, yet it became a major cult favorite hit and really cemented his career as a major minor filmmaker. The film earned $3.1 million as well.

No doubt, Southwest Airlines will be hearing from more than few fans of Kevin Smith in the coming days, and be forced to be more accommodating.


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