Saturday, February 27, 2010

Osmond Family Suicide Tragedy

Sadly, the adopted son of Marie Osmond killed himself last night by jumping to his death from his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. 18 year old Michael Blosil left behind a note claiming that he suffered from lifelong depression, had no friends and felt like he just didn't fit in. The death of her son had to be a heartbreak to the 50 year old actress, singer and doll designer.

In 2007, MSNBC had reported that Michael had entered a rehab facility due to problems he was having. In 2009, Marie Osmond announced that her adopted daughter, Jessica, was living in a lesbian relationship, which is a lifestyle contrary to the teachings of the Mormon LDS faith of the family.

The death of her son is only the latest sad event to hit the life of the beautiful entertainer, who's life once seemed so ideal.


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