Sunday, February 14, 2010

THE E.N.D. Of The Cd? The Black Eyed Peas Say So

The Black Eyed Peas achieved an amazing feat on this week's BILLBOARD TOP 100 chart by coming in with two top ten songs. "Imma Be" charted at #2, while "I Gotta Feeling" charted at #9. Both songs are from their hit album, THE E.N.D.(Energy Never Dies). This week's #1 song is TIK TOK by Ke$ha. Country crossover artist Taylor Swift also achieved a lot of success with two songs in the top 30 as well. Taylor Swift's guest appearance on "Two Is Better Than One" with Boys Like Girls at #21, and Taylor Swift's second song, "You Belong To Me" at #27.

THE E.N.D. may also mark a revolutionary turn for The Black Eyed Peas. The group claims that it may be the last physical cd that they ever release. For now on, all of their releases may be digital only releases. And the group also envisions that within four years, that buying a music cd may be a mostly dead concept. That would be a crying shame, because the physical cd allows for great packaging material such as booklets or bonus features. However, a trend towards less use of plastic jewel cases and less packaging seems to be eliminating those elaborate information booklets that make the music cd such a treasure trove of information for music collectors. Let's hope The Black Eyed Peas are wrong, and the physical cd soldiers on.


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