Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Box Office: 2012, No Box Office Disaster!

2012, the high budget apocalypse thriller was hardly any box office disaster. In fact, the movie broke some records by cashing in with a mega-huge $65.0 million take, easily becoming the #1 hit movie this weekend. Critics didn't view the film as high art by any means, however the movie is a more than good enough popcorn and snack thrill ride to rate as worth viewing with awesome special effects. If you like the thrill of a roller coaster ride, then this is your ticket right here.

Coming in at #2 this weekend was DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, with a more than healthy $22.3 million dollar take. While audiences tend to love this movie, like most Disney films, some critics warn that Robert Zemeckis's awesome 3D imagery acted as something of a distraction to the fine performances of actors like Jim Carrey in this latest retelling of the Charles Dickens classic tale.

At #3 is the darkly satirical war film, MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. It took in a paltry little sum of $6.5 million this weekend. With a great cast, this movie is a little better than you might think.

#4 this weekend was the excellent inner-city tale, PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY PUSH SAPPHIRE. While this movie only had a box office take of just $6.1 million, it is far and away one of the best films in theaters currently, if not all year long. This is an excellent movie worthy of winning awards. You should see it!

Rounding out the top five is is MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT. It took in a fair $5.1 million dollar box office take. If anything, this is a pretty good concert film well worth seeing even if you're not a huge fan of the troubled late pop singer.

At #6 this weekend with was the hokey and mostly awful, THE FOURTH KIND. Viewers lost more than the $4.7 million that they paid. They'll never get back the two hours of their lives they lost by watching this dreck. But even worse yet, was that COUPLES RETREAT came in at #7 with $4.3 million. Two real good examples of bad and much worse here.

#8 with a $4.2 million take was the very good film, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. If you want to see a genuinely good shocker, this film has far more than enough great moment to work real well. This is a great film. Should make a great DVD real soon.

Bringing up the rear of the pack at #9 is LAW ABIDING CITIZEN with a meager $3.9 million dollar take. If you like sub-par acting and a silly script with overdone violence, then this is your film. But for everyone else, Jami Fox should feel ashamed of this mess. He's far too talented for this crap.

Finally, at the bottom of the rotten apple barrel at #10 comes THE BOX at $3.2 million. This film aspired for great things, but instead delivered a mostly preposterous mess that fell way short and hardly seemed much like a cohesive whole. Not a particularly good film, nor a simply awful one. But hardly a film as good as it might have been.


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