Sunday, November 15, 2009

NIGHT COURT's Markie Post Still A Major Babe At 59

Here at Progressive Values, we often have a little fun with shocking photos of celebrities who have not always aged real well. The public often has a set image of many celebrities, expecting them to look the same regardless of how much time has passed. Well, you can't stop father time. But some celebrities age real well, like a fine wine. One great example is actress Markie Post, who's still a major babe at the age of 59.

Why more producers don't run to her her door with job offers to act is a real good question. She's a great actress with both comedy and drama. A few years ago, in THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, Markie Post was just about the hottest mom character ever, playing the mother of Cameron Diaz. Markie Post is still a goddess. No question about it. To steal a line from Wayne and Garth, if Markie Post was president, she'd be "Babeham Lincoln".


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