Thursday, November 12, 2009

The News Business: Lou Dobbs Abruptly Quits CNN

Lou Dobbs pulled a sudden shocker yesterday when he abruptly announced that he was quitting CNN. Today, John King was announced as a replacement for Dobbs by CNN. It is only the latest strange twist in the Lou Dobbs saga. Dobbs sometimes outrageous antics have been a source of friction over at CNN which attempts to be a moderate and middle of the road type news organization. However, conservative leaning anchors such as Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck have been offered their own opinion piece shows. Now both have left the station.

Lou Dobbs started out as a business reporter, however his opinion-oriented news program created a new image as a tough independent voice. But, the program slowly devolved in a sort type of tirade against illegal immigration and often was viewed as an attack on many Latins in general, even though Dobbs denies that. CNN begin receiving massive complaints from Latin American organizations and citizens about Dobbs. Increasingly, this put both Dobbs and CNN at odds with each other. Former CNN personality, Glenn Beck who switched over to FOX has recently caused Rupert Murdock some heartache as well for some wacky statements there such as calling President a "racist".

CNN had attempted to give some conservative leaning personalities their own programs such as Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs to add more diverse opinions to the station. However, in both case, each often became outrageous and erratic and a source of complaints and trouble for the network. Now, even Glenn Beck has proven a problem for the conservative-oriented FOX network.

Network news such as CNN hoped to be all things to all people. However, the caustic personality of Dobbs and the weirdness of Beck both proved to be too much for the network. Now, CNN might just have to go back to appealing to a mainstream of viewers instead, and stop going out for all opinions.

CNN has sufferd a ratings loss recently as well. Problems with some personalities don't help either. Business is a little tough for CNN right now.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger libhom said...

We should send Dobbs to Afghanistan. He would bore the Taliban into submission.


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