Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Problems Mount For Former Miss California Carrie Prejean

In the last 24 hours. former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has managed to create a lot more bad publicity for herself. Last night, she nearly walked off the LARRY KING show set when she was confronted with some information that she didn't want to hear. Further, the former male friend that Prejean sent the sex video to claimed in an interview that Prejean had asked him to lie and claim that she was only 17 years when she sent the infamous video. He refused to do that.

In the interview with TMZ the former best friend claimed that Prejean was actually 20 years old at the time she made the sex video, and in fact had made many videos that she had sent him between the ages of 19 to 2o years of age. It is also an important legal difference if the videos were made when Prejean is over the age of 18 as well, so it seems bizarre that she attempted to urge her friend to claim that she was underage at the time. Prejean had previously misrepresented on the TODAY SHOW earlier this week that the video in question was a big "mistake" made at the age of 17. Now, it turns out Prejean had produced many videos that were sent to the male friend who eventually broke off his relationship with Prejean.

Prejean today canceled a speaking engagement at a Republican organization in the light of the ongoing controversy she has created for herself. In addition, a Miss USA PAGEANT official was quoted as saying that that he believed that Prejean needs some sort of professional mental health help for her problems.

Prejean is also attempting to market a book promoting many conservative Christian views, however in the light of all of that falsehoods that recently came to light just this week alone, the book is probably mostly a work of fiction and not even close to an honest book. This has to be one of the greatest downward spirals for any former beauty contestant of all time. It's like watching a train-crash.


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