Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Business Of The Carrie Prejean Sex Video

Vivid Entertainment, the world's largest and award winning, adult video production company wants to release the Carrie Prejean sex video that they have in their possession. But you aren't very likely to see it for a very good reason.....they want Prejean to sign a legal agreement releasing the video.

CEO of Vivid, Steven Hirsch, wants the release to be all legal and without any chance of a lawsuit from Prejean. But Prejean is highly unlikely to sign such a release, even if there's substantial money involved. Prejean can probably make about as much money from books or speaking engagements, etc. But Prejean did lose her $1 million dollar lawsuit recently with the Miss USA Pageant, and her reputation might just as well be toast after too much controversy this week, so signing a video release for a cool dollar figure might just make good economic sense after all, but is highly unlikely.

And while Prejean claimed on the TODAY SHOW that she was just 17 at the time, Hirsch of Vivid has absolute proof that Prejean was well 18 at the time. The sex video in question is far more recent than Prejean claims it to be.

Some other celebrity sex videos have hit the market legally because some party has signed off to release the video. For example, while Tonya Harding publicly claimed to be upset about the wedding night sex video shot of her, the fact of the matter was that much evidence exists that Harding and her former husband actually were active parties in selling the video in order to make money. The video sold many copies on Ebay and elsewhere.

The question is whether Prejean wants this video released or not? And there might be as many such sex videos that Prejean filmed out there between the ages of 19 to 20 years of age. Prejean could make a few deals if she really wants. Yet, at the same time Prejean used her new book to attack pornography. Publicly, Prejean claims to a porn critic. Privately, she makes the stuff.

But Prejean is big news these days. If she wants to cash in, then she needs to jump in while the story is in the news. Does she want to market these videos or not?

The answer is probably no. But then again, this has been a crazy celebrity story for some months now, and stranger things have happened.


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