Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Prototype Wienermobile Built On The Mini Cooper S Frame

In 2008, Prototype Source built a new prototype Wienermobile based on the Mini Cooper S frame, which should far more easy to handle than the current large GMC truck based model which is 27 feet long. The new smaller Mini based prototype comes in at just 15 feet, considerably smaller and lighter than the well known larger bodies associated with Wienermobiles of the past. Since 1936, there have been several Wienermobile models.
The new Wienermobile features a GPS navigation system, and hot dog and mustard color coordinated seats among other cool features. It also probably gets far better gas mileage than 6 liter 5700 V8 engine in the current large model, built in 2004 on the truck frame.
The new smaller prototype Wienermobile actually becomes the ninth Wienermobile since the original model was introduced in 1936. The 1936 original cost $5000 to construct, and was all metal compared to most of the other models that were largely fiberglass in construction. The original was also the smallest at only 13 feet long, two feet shorter than the current Mini Cooper S prototype. But perhaps a 1958 model of the Wienermobile built by design legend, Brooks Stevens was perhaps the greatest bold leap in design ever for the famous Wienermobile ever.


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