Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Presidency:Who Wants It More?

If anything, Hillary Clinton certainly proved that she wants the presidency more than any of the other Democrats running during this past week's Democratic debate. That might just be enough to win both the Democratic nomination and the November 2008 main election as well. Other than Mitt Romney, so far none of the Republicans has really displayed a real passion to do all it takes to win. Fred Thompson is probably the least passionate of the Republican lot. But so also is Rudolph Giuliani. You simply don't see the passion there to work hard enough to win the presidency that you see in Clinton.

Clinton also seems completely able to come back from a bad week and completely readjust her campaign, and to be stronger than ever. Compared to John Kerry's wilting efforts after the Swift Boats attacks, of which he just now claims that he's going to defend himself against, Clinton is right there with her finger on the button to do whatever it takes to adjust to any attacks or setbacks.

Rev. Robert Schuller, who writes many inspirational books, has long said that "Passion trumps talent everytime". For Hillary Clinton this sure sounds right. The passion is certainly there. And although Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Gov. Richardson all have more experience than her, none match her passion. Clinton probably has what it takes to win it all.


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