Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hillary Clinton Gaining Back Lost Ground

Some fresh new polls from the respected Rasmussen organization and fresh scandals related to Rudolph Giuliani's former police commissioner friend have hurt Giuliani, and Clinton now leads by a 48-42% margin over both Giuliani or Fred Thompson. After a stumble in the Democratic debate in Nevada recently, Clinton's nuumbers suffered a slight tumble. But now any damage seems to have slowed as the news related to Giuliani has clearly hurt his reputation among voters and he is now losing some ground with voters.

Every week between now and the election is likely to result in ups and downs among the candidates. Clinton still appears to be the likely Democratic nominee. However, the Republican race still looks very fluid, with Giuliani holding a narrow, but nervous lead over Thompson and other contenders. A small recent surge for Mike Huckabee has also seemed to roll back as well, and he is now back behind both McCain and Romney in new polls. Why he even recently surged is not clearly understood.


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