Friday, November 16, 2007

U.S. Role In Afghanistan Has Done Little To Benefit Women

The U.S. role in Afghanistan continues to do very little to raise the station of women in this nation. Few schools exist that provide female school aged persons an education in Afghanistan, with little U.S. aid devoted to this cause. And many young girls, aged as young as 11 years old, continue to set themselves on fire to protest arranged marriages that exist under the form of Islam practiced by many in Afghanistan. Many poorly stocked hospital burn wards exist of young girls and women who barely survived their suicide attempts to protest their low station in Afghan society.

In reality, the U.S. has done far less for the people of Afghanistan than the Communist Soviet invaders once offered for the nation. The Soviets at least promised a secular, but godless society, in which females and males would be equal in all areas and both entitled to an education and hospital care. And the Soviets would have modernized the culture of Afghanistan up to at least 1980's Communist standards, which at least would be an improvement for this near prehistoric culture nation. And under the Soviets, both the Taliban and Al Qaeda elements would have been crushed and 9/11 would bot have happened. And with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Afghanistan would likely have disolved a Communist government as well, and probably would have headed towards an independent democratic path.

Afghanistan still remains a hotbed for drugs, Taliban and Al Qaeda problems. And the U.S. has done little to control any of these issues. Women will continue to suffer under this repressive social order for some time to come as long as the U.S. fails to lead the way to a better society there. Other than the U.S. hoping to achieve a few self-interest policies to control Afghanistan based terrorism, little good has been achieved in Afghanistan.


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