Thursday, November 15, 2007

Forget Tupperware, Women's Taser Parties Are The New Craze

At one time women held home Tupperware parties, then in more modern times home sex toy parties hosted by sellers associated with Pure Romance. Now the new craze is taser parties, organized by a new company, and President Dana Shafman. For a mere $389.29 including tax, Shieldher can supply any women a lovely pink taser, guaranteed to drop any meth crazed wierdo robber to the ground from any range up to 15 feet away.

And if pink isn't your favorite color. Then you can go with three more colors, although all are less ladylike than the pink model.

With so much crime and drugs that fuel this problem, it's a sad sort of commentary that many women feel the need to carry their little pink taser in their purse along with their lipstick and other items. Maybe the catch phrase, "don't tase' me, Bro", needs to be changed to," Don't tase me, Sis".


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