Sunday, November 18, 2007

Conservatives Create New Frustrations For The Average Motorist At Their Local Vehicle Registration Department

Conservatives seemed completely obsessed with the illegal immigration issue, seeing illegal aliens everywhere, and probably imagining them under their beds when they sleep at night as well. This obsession has created some negative results for the average citizen. Recently conservatives made a major issue out of states like New York that would issue driver's licenses to all citizens to help improve traffic safety, forcing the Democratic Governor, Elliot Spitzer to back down. According to AAA, New York state has the worst problems with unlicensed and poor drivers. And at least one study finds that 1/3 or more of the drivers currently on the road would fail a drivers test if given today. New York only hoped to improve traffic safety, but conservatives made a major illegal immigration issue out of the effort to license all drivers on the road, so the plan was dropped. Now many unlicensed drivers will continue to use the roads and are disportionately the cause of many accidents as well.

In Oregon, concerns about illegal immigration are forcing the average citizen to provide a valid social security number that can be verified or they will be turned over to immigration authorities, which will no doubt create more unlicensed drivers on the road as any alien without proper credentials to stay in the U.S. will now avoid getting a license in the first place. Who can't see more automobile accidents resulting from more unlicensed drivers on the road?

But a new hassle for the average citizen will also force them to provide a birth certificate, creating a new hassle and more costs to stand in line at their local vital statistics center and pay fees just for a copy of this document just in order to stand in line at their DMV renew their drivers license. For conservatives no standing in lines seems like enough to satisfy them.

Thanks loads, conservative anti-immigrant foes, this is just what the average citizens needed, more hassles at the DMV because a few immigrants who have not finalized their immigration papers should impact the average citizen who merely wants to renew their driver's license. And who doesn't just love more frustration at their DMV?


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